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InterTrade and GS1 US Partner for GS1 Connect: Digital Edition

InterTrade was proud to sponsor this year’s GS1 Connect: Digital Edition conference, which brought together industry leaders and special guests to explore the importance of high-performing supply chain and product identification technology in 2020.

On June 16-17, dozens of professionals from the worlds of supply chain, digital retail, and other sectors including grocery, healthcare, IT, and foodservice met virtually to discuss the state of product standards and identification technology. As a digital-only conference experience, GS1 Connect 2020 brought into high relief the unprecedented challenges all industries are facing due to the ongoing pandemic. In this context, GS1 Connect facilitated thoughtful and spirited engagements with a focus on how digital supply chain and advanced product identification technology can help businesses, suppliers and consumers weather complex challenges, both now and moving forward.

On behalf of InterTrade, director of customer success Connie Tortorici and product manager Richard Morgan was on hand to speak about the operational and business challenges raised by Covid-19 and how businesses can address them. Some of the challenges discussed include:

  • Accelerating time-to-market
  • Improving communication, clarifying and enforcing vendor requirements
  • Improving data quality and leveraging it to increase sales

And much more....

The New Retail Reality

As part of InterTrade’s presentation, Connie spoke about how retail businesses are now adopting digital technology at a rapid rate, with the goal of optimizing operations and maintaining physical distancing guidelines. By digitizing operations, businesses can mitigate some of the risks associated with relying on a fragile supply chain, reduce the effort involved with introducing new products, improve the accuracy of customer and product data and maximize sales under adverse circumstances.

Beyond these specific topics, Connie and Richard spoke at a high level about the importance of having a robust, digital-first supply chain, and using product identification standards as a best practice to ensure accuracy and improve the online shopping experience. Below, we’ll explain how these two factors are critical to success in the post-pandemic reality.

How Digital Tools Power Today’s Supply Chain

A critical element of positioning a retail business for success in the current context is effectively managing customer and product data. Detailed and accurate product data provided by vendors to retail customers is key to providing consumers with a rewarding digital shopping experience. As well, the unencumbered flow of data between vendors, retailers, and consumers is vital to ensuring that all stakeholders are on the same page during day-to-day operations.

One of the most effective ways to provide up-to-date product data is with InterTrade product catalogue. By making it easy for vendors to provide retailers with high-quality product images, our product catalog helps streamline communication between businesses, improve the customer experience online, and drive more sales.

GS1 Standards  

GS1, a non-profit advisory organization, has created global standards that allow which businesses to communicate in a common language and optimize their work processes. GS1 standards ensure consumers and businesses alike can follow the lifecycle of a product, from manufacturing to shipping and distribution to the retail shelf and finally to the end-user. GS1 identification numbers allow businesses to distinguish products, facilities, documents, and more at every point across supply chain, ensuring essential transparency and providing critical transaction data when and where it’s needed most.

Digital Supply Chain and Global Standards: Working Together

The confluence of digitized supply chain and robust global standards for product and process identification are creating a new paradigm whereby businesses can survive and thrive in an era of unprecedented challenges. Moving forward, InterTrade will continue to partner with GS1 to expand the reach of both our digital supply chain solutions and the adoption of GS1 standards, with the goal of simplifying, optimizing, and securing the global supply chain.

Watch our webinar on the New Retail Reality

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