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What to Look for When Choosing an EDI Provider

Are you a supplier, distributor or retailer looking for the best EDI service provider?
Choosing the right EDI provider can be challenging, as there are several options available. It is important to remember that electing the right provider can mean the difference between process improvements and a frustrating experience. Below are some of the key factors to consider before initiating any EDI program.

Chose an EDI Provider that is Customer-Focused and Responsive
Your EDI provider must care about the effectiveness and efficiency of your supply chain as much as you do. If you contacted the EDI provider first, did they respond with a personalized approach to servicing you? How quickly did they address your questions and concerns? Your questions may be basic ones, but nevertheless they are essential to the EDI prospection process. It is important that you be able to not only count on knowledgeable technical staff, but also on a team that is responsive and available to quickly diagnose any problem, determine a quick solution and implement a correction in case of technical problems.

Select an EDI Provider with a Well-Rounded Portfolio to Fulfill Your Needs

Products and services offered by prospective EDI providers must be able to grow with your company’s needs. Ask your EDI software provider about a service and support package that ensures that your EDI solution is highly available, expandable, and consistently working for you and your business.

Choose an EDI Provider That Has Relevant Industry Experience

By partnering with an EDI provider that has experience in serving clients from different backgrounds, you will ensure that you are getting the best possible advice, receiving tangible results and adding real value to your supply chain operations.

Look For Simplicity, Flexibility and Dependability

Whether you are a company with limited EDI resources or a large organization looking to enroll vendors in your supply chain, a good EDI service provider should be able to offer the best solution for your needs: a solution that is friendly and intuitive, allowing a user to perform EDI tasks with little or no training. A good EDI solution should also be relatively easy and quick to implement into production between your EDI trading partners and your ERP system.

Ask For References

Anybody looking to invest in an EDI program will certainly want to ensure that they are making the right choice. Your choice should be largely influenced by professional references. It is why you should ask any potential EDI services provider to give you the names of some of their clients in order for you to validate their customers’ level of satisfaction. Never forget that happy customers are the best proof of the quality of service you can expect.

Customer support from EDI experts and the delivery of user-friendly applications is what InterTrade Systems is passionate about. With almost 20 years of EDI experience, InterTrade can quickly qualify your business needs and provide valuable, cost-effective solutions to improve your supply chain activities. As a Tier 1 VAN network and Catalogue provider (not a reseller), InterTrade offers a full range of EDI services, from turnkey Web EDI tools to fully managed services for businesses of all sizes, and is experienced in multiple industries including Retail Apparel, Healthcare, and Automotive, to name just a few.

Thousands of satisfied customers agree that InterTrade is the partner of choice for EDI solutions!

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