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New Features and Functionality for InterTrade Product Catalogue

We’re proud to announce the latest release version of our Product Catalogue solution!

With this update, Suppliers now enjoy the ability to create and edit images within the Catalogue and add product images faster. Our goal with these improvements is to make our Catalogue experience even better for our customers. Below we’ll explain what’s new and how you can start benefitting from these features right away.

What’s new?

Over the years, we have continued to improve the functionality of the Add or Edit Image interface within the InterTrade Catalogue solution to make it easier for Suppliers to perform desired actions, including adding, editing, and formatting product images.

Now with the latest release of InterTrade Catalogue, it’s easier than ever to set an image on a product or associate it to a specific color or GTIN for a product in your Catalogue.

How it works

To associate an image to either a specific GTIN or Color, first select the desired level by using the Applicable Level Indicator (ALI) field.

If you select the “UPC-GTIN” option from the ALI field, the page will show a new field titled Applicable GTIN. Click that field to show a drop-down list of all GTINs within your product. Then simply select the GTIN you’re looking for. If the image is for a GTIN that doesn’t exist in the system, enter the new GTIN number. Once it’s created within your product, the image will automatically be associated with it.

The same steps apply when selecting “CLR-Color” as the ALI. The page will display a field titled Applicable Color Code. The drop-down will show all available colors defined in the product; simply select the one you want or define a new color.

Add images faster

When you log in to Catalogue as a supplier, you’ll notice that in the Product List, products that do not have images displayed now have a clickable “No Image”

You can add images quickly by simply clicking this icon, which will lead you to the “Add Image” page.

Product image thumbnails have also been added to the “Recently Viewed Products” section at the bottom of your screen.


These changes will allow you to:

  • Quickly verify your products and identify missing images, mismatches or poor-quality images
  • Benefit from validation checks to prevent the uploading of duplicate images

Hosting product images elsewhere? No problem.

If you are hosting product images elsewhere, you can provide InterTrade with an external URL pointing to your hosted image. The image will be displayed securely through the InterTrade user interface.

Don’t have image hosting?

If you aren’t currently hosting your images, you can do so easily with InterTrade. We allow you to store up to 5GB of product images for FREE!

Click here to learn how you can host with InterTrade

Let us know what you think and share your feedback or request a demo!

Call our customer service at 1-800-873-7803 or email us at sales@InterTrade.com

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