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Do you want to unlock your supply chain? Meet our front line experts.

Our team had a great time meeting many of you during GS1 Connect 2021. In case you missed us during the show, here is your chance!

Meet our InterTrade team that was at GS1 Connect 2021 

Meet Connie Tortorici, our VP of Sales & Customer Success.

With over 25 years in retail supply chain experience, she loves to engage with customers to discuss their pain points and strategize solutions to help them best. She then works in close collaboration with our experts to help make new solutions come to life!


Meet Richard Morgan, our Product Manager for the InterTrade Catalogue solution.

His #1 priority is to keep a pulse on our customers’ evolving business needs and challenges. At InterTrade, we make sure to fuel the evolution of our offering with the voice of the customer.




Meet Linda Comito, our Business Development Manager.

Over her 12 years of experience at InterTrade, she held different customer-facing roles, during which her goal has always been the same: to ensure the best client experience. She quickly understands what their needs are and then matches them with what they need to succeed.

Meet Andrew MacDonald, Sales Director.

His ninja super-power? Asking the right questions to understand the pain points of large companies and, in turn, help them unlock new cost & time efficiencies with our supply chain collaboration solutions.



Meet Patti Duffy, Account Manager.

She helps Retailers and Suppliers streamline their supply chain operations and improve their speed to market. Her passions are technology, build lasting customer relations & exceed expectations!



Are you interested in exchanging ideas that could help your company improve its supply chain efficiency with our team? Please book an appointment with one of them here: https://edi.intertrade.com/gs1-book-a-consultation



Closing thoughts until we meet again at GS1 Connect 2022

It was nice seeing everyone at GS1 this year! We look forward to meeting everyone in person at GS1 Connect 2022!

Until then, we’d love to discuss how we can help you achieve new supply chain efficiencies:


The InterTrade Difference:

  • We “dare to think differently” by focusing on your needs and finding perfect solutions for them.


  • We “aim high and act fact” to resolve your pain points and relieve you of issues like expensive chargebacks or inaccurate data.


  • We “act with integrity” by always incorporating GS1 standards in our platforms, so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you’re compliant.


  • We “care about each other and our customers” and understand your frustration with status quo customer service. Our Customer Service motto is ‘above and beyond, every time.


  • We “are accountable” and will not rest until you accomplish your business goals.


Yours truly,

The InterTrade team


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