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InterTrade provides EDI supply chain services to Indigo

Indigo Books & Music Inc., commonly known as Indigo, is Canada’s largest book and lifestyle retailer, with stores across the country and a robust website that offers a wide selection of books, toys, home decor, stationery, and wellness products. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, the retail giant is a major employer, with over 6,500 employees across Canada.


Partnering with InterTrade


As a publicly-traded company (TSX: IDG), Indigo aims to provide its customers with a unique shopping experience while meeting the needs of its employees, shareholders, and stakeholders within its vendor community. As such, Indigo has signed a multi-year agreement with InterTrade, the supply chain platform of mdf commerce, to provide essential electronic supply chain services. “We consider InterTrade a strategic partner who is key to our offerings to our trading partners and our customers. We want to provide a world-class IT service to our clients,” says Jonathan Rosemberg, Senior Vice President, Merchant Operations & Program Enablement at Indigo. As an EDI provider, InterTrade is a partner of choice for many retailers and suppliers seeking to take their supply chain to the next level.


Outsourcing EDI allows Indigo to focus on what it does best


Indigo is a large, successful, and well-respected Canadian retailer. By outsourcing its EDI to InterTrade, an expert in the field, the company is free to focus on what it does best—selling books and a wide range of lifestyle products. Through this agreement, InterTrade will deliver cloud-based electronic fulfillment (EDI) services and vendor enablement support to Indigo, allowing the retailer to concentrate on its growth and productivity requirements, as well as streamline its vendor operations. InterTrade will also provide extensive additional support to implement industry best practices and optimize Indigo’s vendor supply chain processes.


Optimizing Indigo’s entire supply chain


In today’s fast-paced digital economy, all players in the retail ecosystem are looking to become more efficient with their current resources. InterTrade’s web-based EDI service will improve the real-time exchange of data—such as product information, purchase order acknowledgments, advanced shipping notices, invoices, cancellations, and returns—between Indigo and its vendors, seamlessly integrating with the company’s established business systems.

Through this partnership, InterTrade will organize how Indigo orders and sales are structured, with transactions continuously represented in an easy-to-access portal that allows for rapid problem-solving. This will accelerate Indigo’s internal processes, giving the company a leg up on the competition.


Bringing everyone up to speed


In partnership with Indigo, InterTrade will explore EDI program options and oversee onboarding. As Indigo seeks to modernize its operations and strengthen its vendor relationships through EDI, vendors who do not currently have an in-house or outsourced EDI solution can access InterTrade’s web-based EDI solution, which only requires an internet connection. Once InterTrade’s EDI solution is successfully rolled out, all vendors will be contacted to optimize their supply chain operations with the help of InterTrade.

“We want to offer world-class EDI solutions to our trading partners,” says Rosemberg. “InterTrade will be a key strategic partner to provide our vendor community with a user-friendly, web-based EDI solution, eliminating the burden of traditional EDI systems, all while offering expertise, customer knowledge, and service excellence.”


Learn how EDI can make your business more competitive

Contact InterTrade today to find out how an EDI solution can help your business take its supply chain to the next level and gain a competitive edge in today’s complex economy.

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