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Ensuring Accurate Data Exchange with First Gate Validation

A common challenge faced by retailers and their suppliers is ensuring the integrity of the data they exchange daily.

When a supplier sends product information, shipment acknowledgements or other important business documents to a customer, the accuracy of the data being sent is critical. Similarly, when a retailer sends a purchase order or other information to a supplier, the data must be provided in the precise format agreed to by both partners. If the data contains errors, resources must be deployed to validate and correct the information, leading to costly delays and slowing time to market.

The most reliable way to ensure the accuracy and integrity of electronic data exchanged between business partners is First Gate Validation (FGV), offered exclusively by InterTrade. First Gate Validation works together with InterTrade’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Managed Services to validate data before it enters the receivers’ system, enabling the sender to correct any errors before the data is exchanged.

First Gate Validation is flexible and can be used in any business-to-business supply chain relationship.

Reduce Chargebacks

In the past, business partners have typically used chargebacks – deducting the expense of fixing data errors – to settle conflicts arising from the transmission of faulty data. While chargebacks offer a way for businesses to recoup costs and incentivize adherence to standards, they also strain relationships and can dramatically increase the cost of doing business.

With First Gate Validation, businesses can move beyond relying on chargebacks to rectify data validation issues and adopt a proactive approach to ensuring data communication standards are met.

What is First Gate Validation?

First Gate Validation is offered exclusively by InterTrade. Customers of InterTrade’s Electronic Data Interchange EDI Managed Services and Value-Added Network (VAN) can use FGV to complement their existing services and improve the data exchange experience for them and their partners.

First Gate Validation:

    • Validates data to be shared against pre-determined rules for sharing EDI documents;
    • Stops bad and/or incomplete data from being sent to partner systems;
    • Sends a notification to both parties when a data error is identified;
    • Allows the sender to correct errors and re-send the EDI document;
    • Allows only accurate and complete information to enter partner systems;
    • Allows receivers to define data field validations to comply with internal business and system rules;
    • Improves collaboration between business partners and eliminates the friction of chargebacks;
    • Protects the integrity of important business data;
    • Speeds time of goods to market.
        Improve Supply Chain Collaboration with First Gate Validation

Business partners need to be able to rely on error-free data exchange to facilitate successful supply chain collaboration. By implementing FGV, businesses can be sure that the important documents they receive are pre-validated and error-free, preventing delays and costly chargebacks. What’s more, FGV helps ensure that critical buyer-supplier relationships aren’t negatively impacted by data exchange conflicts, contributing to smoother transactions and improved efficiency.


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