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How EDI Powers Next-Day Fulfillment

It’s no secret that the way people do their shopping has changed. Today, customers expect to be able to do the entirety of their shopping online – whether for clothing, groceries, or any number of goods – and expect rapid delivery of their purchases, often within 24 hours.

Meeting these expectations is putting retailers and suppliers to the test and transforming the way supply chain works. What’s more, the demand for next-day delivery – and by extension, the need for ultra-efficient supply chain processes – is only rising in the context of hysical distancing necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic.

The bottom line is that ‘business as usual’ has swiftly transformed to the ‘new normal’. For the foreseeable future, the number of people doing the majority of their shopping online will continue to grow, as will demand for true unified commerce experiences that meet customer expectations across all channels. Online shoppers will increasingly expect purchases to arrive within a day or two, putting pressure on retailers, suppliers and logistics providers alike.


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