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Cost Benefit of Using Product Images in GTIN Catalogs

Consumers have always had choices, but in recent years, buying options have grown exponentially with the increased popularity and accessibility of online shopping. Corporate Merchandisers, too, can sometimes get overwhelmed by the information they have to process when making a buying decision. So many products from so many vendors – how will you stand out?

Images have become a very powerful way to communicate important details about the product, as they help clarify written content exchanged throughout the complete supply chain.

Product images empower your trading partner by providing them with the product knowledge they need to effectively sell to the final consumer, whether that be on the store floor or on eCommerce websites. Having the complete information, along with an image showing the uniqueness of your product, in a centralized and secure place is an important competitive advantage for suppliers.

Benefits of sharing product images in GTIN/UPC Catalogs

  • Reduce the cost of sending parcels and actual physical sample(s) to your Trading Partner
  • Reduce the Order Cycle time as your merchandiser can quickly see the final product/production sample using the image along with other product attributes in the GTIN catalog
  • Provide product knowledge and turn this into more sales as your merchandisers can easily respond to in-house calls and concerns from their retail centers
  • Create enthusiasm and excitement for your product through accurate visual representation
  • Create customer loyalty to your brand by increasing customer confidence that they will receive what they actually committed to
  • Create a centralized repertoire of your products which is easily accessible by the various Retail teams and Warehouse management teams

After reviewing the facts, it’s easy to see how beneficial sharing product images through electronic GTIN catalogs is, for both retailers and vendors. All trading partners save time and money with the simplified process that optimizes speed to market. The improved relationship between suppliers and buyers is an added bonus that has an indirect positive impact on the bottom line.

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