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Neiman Marcus

The Neiman Marcus Group

A global leader in luxury retail, the Neiman Marcus Group (NMG) operates more than 70 stores under multiple banners, encompassing a footprint of over 5 million square feet of floorspace. NMG’s operations are supported by a complex international supply chain and thousands of suppliers worldwide.

Before working with InterTrade, NMG was handling Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) processes internally. This required significant IT resources and diverted focus away from core activities. As well, it was difficult to onboard suppliers who were not already EDI-compliant, limiting NMG’s ability to quickly source products from new suppliers and delaying time to market.

NMG needed an external EDI provider that could deliver tailored solutions and manage all EDI transactions to free up internal teams for higher-priority initiatives. Specifically, NMG was seeking to automate processes to reduce costs as much as possible, while making it easy to onboard new partners who were not yet EDI compliant.

InterTrade Solutions

NMG selected InterTrade to be their partner in EDI with an initial mandate to deliver a flexible and cutting-edge vendor catalog to facilitate transmission of product data. After adopting the Product Catalogue solution, NMG integrated several other InterTrade solutions with their supply chain processes and now leverage a full-service wraparound EDI platform to meet their needs.

Product Catalogue makes it easy for suppliers to share up-to-date product data with NMG, accelerating time to market and improving customers’ online shopping experience.

Learn more about our Product Catalogue solution   Join the Neiman Marcus Group’s Electronic Catalogue for Vendors  

NMG chose to join InterTrade’s EDI Network based on its proven reliability, InterTrade’s experience in the retail sector and its reputation for industry-leading customer service.

Learn more about our B2B Network solution    Become EDI Compliant with the Neiman Marcus Group    

InterTrade integrated EDI Managed Services with NMG’s internal legacy system, helping to improve efficiency and streamline EDI activities. As a result, NMG has been able to free up internal resources to focus on higher-priority activities.

Learn more about our B2B Managed Services     Become EDI Compliant with the Neiman Marcus Group    

NMG uses the First Gate Validation solution to improve compliance and reduce manual errors during EDI document exchange.

Trading Partner Management makes it easy for NMG to track, evaluate and improve trading partners’ level of compliance.

TPM is hosted on the AWS Cloud, this improve our ability to act faster when compliance requirements change.

This automated solution increases the success rate of matching retailer products to correct UPC codes, saving time and reducing strain on internal resources.

The Web EDI portal helps non-EDI capable suppliers become EDI compliant quickly and easily, facilitating onboarding and centralizing the NMG EDI

Learn more about our Web EDI solutions      Become EDI Compliant with the Neiman Marcus Group    


“I think one of the reasons we were so successful is that we involved all stakeholders and called on experts to support our plan. InterTrade are not only EDI experts, they are also qualified in the implementation and use of GS1 Standards.”

Jill Barron, VP Supply chain, Neiman Marcus
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