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Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP)

Bombardier Recreational Products

BRP is a leading manufacturer of recreational vehicles, with manufacturing facilities in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Finland and Austria. BRP’s global workforce of more than 13,000 produces snowmobiles, watercraft, engines, motorcycles and recreational aircraft, and relies on a complex supply chain to source the materials and components needed to fabricate their products.

With a large pool of vendors spread across the globe, many of whom were not EDI compliant, BRP was seeking a provider that could assist the company in onboarding suppliers at various stages of EDI maturity. As well, BRP was looking for a provider that could manage all their EDI requirements, from compliance monitoring to mapping and campaign management. Ultimately, BRP selected InterTrade to deliver a full suite of EDI managed services.

InterTrade Solutions

InterTrade was engaged to provide BRP with a comprehensive platform of EDI solutions and services, including a mandate to onboard BRP’s pool of 400 suppliers within one year. To achieve this ambitious goal, InterTrade proposed a suite of tailored solutions that would bring the whole of BRP’s operations into EDI compliance within a short timeframe.

A main objective for BRP was to allow their non-EDI capable suppliers to become compliant. InterTrade’s Web EDI solution made this possible by allowing suppliers to become EDI compliant with only a web browser and internet access, lowering the barrier of entry for suppliers of all sizes and centralizing EDI operations.

InterTrade onboarded all of BRP’s 400 suppliers in one year, marking a significant milestone in BRP’s quest to achieve maximum EDI capability among the company’s vendor pool. The EDI Onboarding Compliance solution made it easy for BRP to standardize EDI transactions from vendors and reduce EDI transmission errors.

BRP engaged InterTrade to manage every aspect of their EDI operations, requiring no internal resources from BRP and resulting in improved efficiencies and simplified transaction processes.

Based on InterTrade’s track record of providing EDI solutions for multiple industries, BRP chose to join the InterTrade EDI network. BRP benefits from InterTrade’s two decades of experience and world-class customer service to receive real-time support in a personalized way.

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